Join our Teamspeak Server

Welcome to our guide to download and joining our Teamspeak server.

Step 1.

First thing you will need to do is download Teamspeak, you will need to know what operating system and what bit verison(Windows) you have installed on your computer. You can download this be following this link provided. .

Step 2.

Once you have downloaded the teamspeak.exe file you will need to run it. It will show up on the bottom of your Google Chrome page when it is done downloading or it can be found in your download folder on your C-drive. Once you have clicked open the Teamspeak.exe you will be guided through finishing the install of Teamspeak. You don’t have to create an account using an email just choose to use a nickname instead. The reason we use Teamspeak is because it has voice and text encryption

Step 3.

Now you have Teamspeak. Now you will need to connect to our server. You can do this by selecting connections which will be on the top left corner of Teamspeak. Then you will hit connect.

Step 4.

Once you have hit connect you will have a small window pop up. In the box of Server Nickname or Address you will type in You will also need to create a Nickname an in game name will do just fine.

You’re all set. you can now join any lounge but in order to join a channel that isn’t a lounge you will need a mod to give you the Squadlords Member tag.